Phillip Young

Massage Therapist


Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: Graduated from Blue Cliff College in 1995

Experience: Employed by Coccolare Spa since 2007. Phillip has 16 years experience in Massage Therapy and has taught over 5 years in conjunction with Blue Cliff College. He also has experience in Spa Management.

Certifications: All certifications in Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Table-Top Thai, Orthopedic Massage. He specializes with all areas of body specifics (neck, back, hip, etc.).

Other: Minister of Church of Truth and Light, able to perform marriages and other spiritual related occasions. Phillip is expanding on spiritual knowledge.

Why did you choose this career?
When I was a kid, my grandmother¬† broke her hip. She would ask me to rub it. She said, “I was so good I should rub old ladies for a living.” I, of course was going to be a rock star like Billy Idol. But as fate would have it… I’ve been rubbing old ladies for over 20 years.

Why do you enjoy working for Coccolare Spa?
We’re like family. We laugh and we cry. But above all we pull together.

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