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“The ideal protein diet has been the healthiest diet I’ve ever been on. My energy level is great and I feel so wonderful. The videos and my coach (Brooke Stoma) have been so supportive and always keep me on track and motivated. I’ve lost 24 pounds in just three months and only have a couple of pounds left to meet my goal. I was worried that at my age (60), it might be harder to lose weight but this diet is really amazing and easy to follow. I definitely recommend this protocol to anyone!!”
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“I had a fantastic first experience with Ashiatsu massage at Coccolare Spa.  A friend of mine recommended it to me as a great alternative to a deep tissue massage.  Ashiatsu is an incredible way to experience deep tissue impact over a broader area of the body with little discomfort.  I definitely was a little bit apprehensive about the use of feet for a massage, but it turned out to be one of the best experience I have ever had. The Ashiatsu Massage was exactly what I needed!! Even though the Massage is done 90% of the time with feet, the massage therapist’s feet felt like smooth hands with extremely therapeutic pressure. I was sore afterwards but when I woke up the next day I felt amazing and relaxed. This massage technique is beyond amazing…life changing! Christy was an awesome therapist to work with and made my experience so great that I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”
If you’re interested in Ashiatsu, give us a call today. 337.769.7546

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