“I’ve been to Coccolare before but this was my first massage with Haley. She was excellent and I will book with her again.” K. Ferguson

“Christy is amazing, best massage I’ve ever had.” anonymous

“Phillip was the best massage therapist I’ve had. I loved my massage!” R. Wikins

“This was my first visit to Coccolare. Because of its great reputation I chose to book a massage with Phillip. He was excellent and I can’t wait to come back!” L. Viator

“I needed a spa to go to and after doing some research I came across Coccolare. I booked a massage with Christy and it was excellent. I would defiantly return for another massage with her and look forward to booking another appointment in the future.” H. Beau

“This was my first visit to Coccolare Spa. I will return again. The service, front desk and technicians were excellent.” K. Johnson

“Elysia was awesome. Phillip was awesome. I received this as a gift and I will be back.” F. Williams

“I received a gift card to Coccolare. Mary and the other ladies were very friendly and sweet. The staff is amazing!” S. Loyo

“I love to get massages. This was my first time here and I will be back.” C. Pierre

“This was my first time here. I will be back. It was great.” E. Dupree

“Wonderful and peaceful experience. I will return.” J. Leger

“This was a gift to me. It was my first time and I will return. Loved it.” A. Navare

“Everything is excellent at Coccolare. I always book my services with them.” M. Miller

“Mary Oliver was the best esthetician yet!” L. Sellers

“I had a gift card to Coccolare. It was a great experience. I will be back.” A. Longie

“By far the best massage I’ve ever experienced.” C. Laliberte

“Renee was the bomb. Best deep tissue massage ever.” R. Lancon

“Jada gave an excellent mani/pedi. She was polite and professional and friendly.” R. Vance

“Enjoyed my day so very much. Everyone was excellent.” S. Credeaur

“This company and staff are excellent. I always enjoy my time here.” J. Mitchell

“I live in Baton Rouge and come here just to get services because they are so knowledgeable.” M. Milazzo

“I always come to Coccolare and will continue to book services with them.” A. Guillory

“I had a massage with Jan and a facial with Angela. It was great. I will return soon.” R. Mcnealy

“All services are excellent.” L. Vesey

“Great/very relaxing.”  R. Rasmussen

“I had a massage with Jan and she was great.” B. Martin

“Jan was one of the best massage therapists I have seen. I strongly recommend her to any individuals. I will refer Coccolare for massages!” M. Broussard

“The cleanliness and accessibility of Coccolare is excellent. I love the staff!” A. Laney

“When I called yesterday to make an appointment they were booked and put me on the cancelation list. I really appreciate that you still called to squeeze me in since someone canceled.” A. Granese

“Excellent!” C. Randolf

“I went to Coccolare as a birthday present. It left me feeling wonderful.” R. Elliot

“I’ve come to Coccolare a few times and will continue to book services because they are excellent.” A. Mouton

“Everything was great. Can’t wait to return.” E. Guidry

“I’ve asked for gift cards to Coccolare as gifts for all holidays because I love this place so much.” C. L

“Excellent service and staff. Yes I would choose to return.” R. Fox

“Excellent staff and technicians.” A. Plauche

“I will defiantly be back! Great place.” H. Hanna

“I continue to book appointments at Coccolare because they are wonderful and full of knowledge.” C. Besse

“I love this place.” A. Thealy

“My first time here and it was great!” K. Mouton

“The prices are reasonable so I chose to get services here. It is an excellent spa.” M. Manuel

“My friends recommended me to Coccolare Spa. The front desk was excellent and so was the service!” M. Holden

“Technicians are excellent.” M. Malone

“I went to Coccolare because of its great reputation. Everything was excellent. I will return soon.” J. Arnaud

“My massage was amazing. Everyone was so nice. I really enjoyed it.” A. Lasseign

“I very much enjoyed my experience and I am loving my Obagi cleaner. See you soon! “ A. Z

“I live in Baton Rouge and was given a gift card to Coccolare Spa. The service, technicians and staff were wonderful. I will return.”  Anonymous

“I love facials.” I. Hightower

“My husband booked an appointment for us. It was amazing. I will return because my experience was excellent.” J. Cormier

“I needed this place and I think others do to. I recommend this place to everyone.” A. Kennison

“I love the treatment variety, the cleanliness and accessibility.” N. Broussard

“What a great way to start my day with a treatment at Coccolare Spa.” T. Broussard

“I’ve been a client for a few years but today I was given the best massage and facial, by Christy and Sam, I’ve had in a while. Great job!” A. Gautreaux

“Mary-beth was very thorough and informative. She completed catered to my needs.” S. Richard

“Love the essential oils, just need lavender.” Anonymous

“I’ve had a lot of massages and always with Pasha. She is great!” M. Olivier

“Excellent service and facilities!” E. Langley

“I got a gift card to the spa. My service was great. I will absolutely be returning” C. Granger

“I saw this spa on facebook. It was awesome. Everyone is just so nice and helpful.” B. Monte

“This was my first visit. Great experience!” C. Martinez

“My friend recommended this place to me. Everything was excellent from service to staff. I will book again.” J. Haydel

“Can’t wait for my next appointment!” D. Deal

“My therapist Megan was amazing.” V. Guidry

“I booked my first appointment at Coccolare because of its great reputation. The technicians were excellent. I will return.” T. Landry

“I booked an appointment to be luxurious for the day. “ K. Cosgrove

“A friend referred me to Coccolare. I loved how there was a variety of drinks for me to enjoy while I waited for my service.” C. Manning

“I had a massage with Jennifer. I continue to book services at the spa because they are always so great. “ S. Ponthier

“I had a spa day booked for me as a gift. I love this place and all the technicians. I had an amazing day at the spa.” K. Rodriguez

“I always book massages with Phillip. He is great!” M. Bergon

“I booked my first appointment at Coccolare because of its great reputation, accommodations and services.  Everything was excellent. I will return.”  M. Folse

“I had a gift card to the spa. This was my first time here. The treatment was excellent as well as the front desk and spa.” L. Folse

“Pasha was my massage therapist. She was the best I ever had. She was wonderful.” Anonymous

“Coccolare Spa is beautiful and has such great service.”  O. Olivier

“This was my first visit and I will be sure to recommend all my friends here!” S. Mitchell

“Ashlie was great. Best massage ever, I will return again. My experience was awesome.” E. Gauthier

“The service is excellent.” M. Robin

“Phillip was awesome. Highly recommend his services.” Anonymous

“I love Coccolare. The front desk is excellent with appointments and the service is great.” J. Shelton

“I had a gift card the first time I visited Coccolare.  The technicians were excellent as well as the spa itself. I can’t wait to return.” Anonymous

“Phillip is a great massage therapist.” Anonymous

“Dr. Glass did my daughters breast implants.  She did a great job so I decided to try the spa. Regina at the front desk was very professional, informative and sweet.” B. Patin

“The service is always great.” B. Dugas

“Another exceptional massage by Pasha wonderful job!” S. Mathews

“I had a gift card to Coccolare Spa. This was my first visit, the service was excellent and the staff. I will return.” K. Deen

“Elizabeth was great. She asked a lot of questions before to see what my issues were.”  Anonymous

“I wanted to try a new place so I booked an appointment here. It’s a very exceptional spa. I will return.”  R. Bernhand

“ I had a massage for the first time and it was to die for!” L. Ceasar

“It’s always worth the time and money when you go to Coccolare Spa. Everything is excellent.” J. Gin

“I continue to book services with Pasha. She is great. “ M. Olivier

“I called to book a last minute appointment and was booked with Elizabeth for a massage. It was a wonderful experience. I will book again.” L. Peltier

“I had a gift card to the spa. My massage was done by Jan. She was wonderful and made me feel comfy.” B. Granger

“I continue to book services at Coccolare because they are excellent.” R. Bonin

“I had a gift card I received to Coccolare. This was my first visit. I had a massage with Elizabeth. Ms. Elizabeth has magical hands.” A. Gohan

“I had a great massage here. The therapist asked a lot of questions before the service. I feel this is extremely necessary. Great massage!” anonymous

“I had a massage with Mary-Beth, she did a wonderful job. I will return.” A. Sonnier

“I booked a massage at Coccolare because everyone told me how great it was. The service and experience was amazing. I will return. I loved it!” J. Broussard

“Had a massage with Brooke and she was amazing. I will return.”  Z. M

“This was my first time at Coccolare. I enjoyed both my facial and massage. I will defiantly be back.” P. Griffin

“Dr. Glass you have a beautiful place and wonderful staff. “ Dr. T. Marullo

“I continue to book services at Coccolare because the staff and therapist are excellent. I had a wonderful massage my last visit.” P. Decker

“I booked a massage at Coccolare. It was excellent.” N. Benton

“I had a great massage with Jan. I would return to Coccolare.” T. Fawcett

“I chose Coccolare Spa because of its great accommodations, service, reputation and value. Jan did my massage and it was wonderful. I will return.” D. Babin

“This was my first visit to Coccolare and it was excellent. The service was great. “ S. K

“I received a gift card to Coccolare and decided to use it for a massage. Megan was SO good!” M. Desormeaux

“I chose Coccolare Spa because of my past experience with other spas. I would return again. The facility is a great place.” A. Gautreaux

“This was my first visit to Coccolare Spa. It was very professional, quiet, and made me feel like I got my moneys worth.” B. Guirdy

“I received a gift card and this was my first visit. The front was excellent, technicians were excellent and everything about the experience was great. I will return again.” Z. Sylverister

“This was my first visit to Coccolare. I had a massage with Christy and she did an outstanding job.” J. Carber

“This was my first visit, Hailey was my massage therapist. She was amazing and very professional. She adjusted the pressure to accommodate me. I will return again.” J.Dupre

“I booked a last minute massage at Coccolare. It was great. My therapist was Christy. I will defiantly return.” S. Gibbs

“I had a massage with Ashlie W. The experience was wonderful and always is. I have been to Coccolare before and I will continue to return.” K. Brossette

“A friend recommended me to Coccolare. I had a massage with Elizabeth. It was amazing. I will return again.” M. Moore

“I’ve been to Coccolare before. I always book with Pasha for massages. She is excellent and very knowledgeable.”  Anonymous

“I booked my first appointment with Coccolare spa because of its reputation. The experience was excellent. I will be returning. “ J. Daigle

“I received a gift card to Coccolare. This was my first visit and I will return. I loved it!” L. Hebert

Acne Treatment

“My first visit to Coccolare was in March 2011. As an 18-year-old guy, I didn’t want to go to a “girl spa” for my acne problem, what guy would? Well, I have to tell you it was the best thing I ever let my mother talk me into. We saw the Skincare Consultant, Cindy Bunch. She made us feel comfortable and confident that we were in the right place for my acne problem. Coccolare was able to give me acne facials, pore extractions, facial products and prescription drugs all under one roof. I must admit the pore extraction hurt, but my Aesthetician made me feel at ease and always told me it was all going to work out. Best of all it was affordable. If it were not affordable, I am certain we could not afford the Dermatologist prices and my life would not be as good as it is today. I started to see results within the first month of treatment. It was slow, but with the Coccolare team behind me it wasn’t so bad. It has not been three months since my first visit and I stand with my head up high and feel great.” – Brendan Daly


Laser Hair Removal – Facial Hair

“Facial hair is something no woman wants. I am reaping the rewards of laser treatment at Coccolare Spa. The atmosphere is very soothing and inviting. Most importantly, the staff is so caring and professional. This is what brings me back every month. I don’t worry about embarrassing facial hair anymore. Being “hair freeâ€? is worth so much to me!” – Laurie Segura


Silk Peel

“Amy told me about a Silk Peel during one of my facial sessions. She is AWESOME! I trust her with everything she recommends. My experience with my procedure was beautiful! I feel so good and happy about my skin. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Mona Credeur

“I had a Silk Peel done by Misty Gauthier…it was amazing! She was amazing! My face seems to have taken on a whole new “texture” (for lack of a better word)…anyways…I’m sold!!! I will be recommending Coccolare to all my friends, the Silk Peel and definately Miss Gauthier!” – Karron S.



“Brooke, Massage Therapist was wonderful. Would recommend her services to anyone!” – Tonya V.

“My experience with Coccolare was wonderful. My massage therapist was great!!” – Carol B.

“I heard about Coccolare on the website. I had a massage and it was fantastic. My therapist was very responsive to what I asked which made it therapeutic and relaxing.”


Finishing Touches

“My aesthetician was AMAZING and my face looks and feels so clean.” – Margaret V.



“I had a facial, massage, V-Beam and pedicure at Coccolare. Each consultant was knowledgable, professional and personable. My experience with each of my services was EXCEPTIONAL! The staff at Coccolare Spa has made me want to take better care of myself. I feel that good and I want to be back.” — Valerie Z.


More Love For Our Team

“Coccolare’s staff was excellent! They were so professional!” – Dana M.

“I absolutely love the atomosphere at Coccolare. It is very relaxing and peaceful. Thank you for all of the wonderful experiences.” – Mandy F.


Don’t take our word for it – let our pleased patients tell you about their experiences!

~Dr. Glass and staff were amazing! I felt important and felt that Dr. Glass genuinely cares.

~There isn’t too much I would change to the whole experience. After talking with Dr. Glass and her staff, I felt very comfortable going into this surgery. I never had second thoughts.

~My daughter-in-law was very pleased with Dr. Glass and with the outcome of her procedure. After all the wonderful comments she make about her total experience, I knew Dr. Glass and her staff were the ones to see.

~I just want to thank Dr. Glass and her staff for taking me on such short notice and making this experience a good one! So happy with my results!

~Dr. Glass has a reputation of being the best. Confidence in my doctor was my #1 priority.

~I loved the doctor and environment. I have recommended her to others.

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